ZBJ-09 middle speed paper cup forming machine
· ZBJ-09 middle speed paper cup forming machine

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ZBJ-09 middle speed paper cup forming machine is an intelligentized machine which uses 9 inch touch screen to control, the smoothly paper feeding process achieves 80-90pcs/min stable running speed, this machine has open cam driving technology with automatic lubrication, also the improved simple paper collector for finished cups. The proper design for whole machine guarantee the long life time. Especially machine has a compact size which can help customer to save workshop space and shipping cost.

1. The use of cam and gear transmission system solves the drawbacks of traditional rotating box and chain transmission, and the machine is more stable under high-speed operation.
2. The use of flameless hot air system makes the production efficiency higher.
3. Enclosure steel frame structure is adopted, and the machine structure is compact and fixed.
4. All parts and components are manufactured by standardization, with strong versatility, good interchangeability and easy maintenance.
5. The use of fully automatic closed lubrication system can ensure the high-speed operation of the machine without interruption for a long time.
6. The machine is compact and easy to transport and place.

Total power

10.5 kw

Paper size

Single PE /Double PE

Paper weight


Paper Bottom

BottomΦ30-52.8mm;TopΦ35-82mm;High 30-92mm

Production capacity

80-90 pcs/min

Electrical specifications


Air Use

0.6-0.8Mpa; 0.4m³/min

Packing specifications


Shipping weight


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